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Discover Strategy conducted 4 sessions of Strategically Thinking Leader training for our managers this year. The trainings received a very enthusiastic feedback with an average of 5,5 (on a 1 to 6 scale) in the structure and content areas; trainers got an over 5,5 mark on the same scale.

Participants described the training as: dynamic, unconventional and interactive. Here are some other descriptions from the participants:

  • „strategic thinking skills allows attention focus and provides tools with which a manager can figure out a complex and chaotic reality”;
  • „the training method is a great mix of a strategic game, lectures and exercises”;
  • „how useful it is to apply the knowledge acquired during training regarding acting strategically both at the top of the organization as well as on the mid-management level”;
  • „knowledge about strategic thinking was taught in such a way, that even the most difficult matters seemed simple”.

The participants emphasized how helpful and crucial a strategic thinking skill is in complex decision making process.

I highly recommend Discover Strategy as a Professional and committed partner for this type of trainings.

Justyna Jedlinska-Molenda

Talent Development and Training Manager

JTI Polska Sp. z o.o.

Recently I had the pleasure of participating in Strategically Thinking Leader training, which simply blew my mind. Instead of a typical, boring lecture I took part in a tremendously interesting and engaging tournament. The game was very emotional for me and other participants and it set our minds on fire! We created strategies for acquiring territories and overcoming competitors in economic and military resources. We were so engaged we were not even aware that this way we’ve actually learned how to thing strategically!

This workshop was extremely interesting. Never before have I took part in any training during which participants actually wanted it to last longer and looked forward to the next part or learning. This game was so involving that I was actually sad when it ended. Thankfully the Discover Team people assured me there are more games with more skills to learn.

Finally, I’d really like to underline the substantial side of this training. Aside from the fascinating game there were very competent trainers who helped us organize the decision making process – so that our actions were well-thought and so that we could take full advantage of the situation „on the battlefield”.

Bogusław Milka

Group Brand Manager – Strategy & Brand Marketing

AstraZeneca Pharma Poland Sp. z o.o.

Strategically Thinking Leader surpassed our expectations both in how it was run as well as in the effects it brought.

Theoretical knowledge allowed us understand the essence of strategic action. Practical workshop gave us analytical tools for creating strategies and skills to use them.

Basis, and the biggest advantage of this training is the “Thinking on the Edge” strategic game. It allows, thanks to its perfectly thought out structure, practical strategic thinking skills. At the same time it engages them fully into strategic thinking and actions leading to discover completely new possibilities and solutions; and it encourages participants to try them out.

Key factor of our cooperation was the amazing atmosphere, both in the preparation process as well as during the training. We are all absolutely impressed with the involvement and professionalism of all trainers, their energy and engagement.

We have received feedback from the participants, mentioning changes they’ve experienced due to the experience and acquired knowledge.

Strategically Thinking Leader training is exceptional, because it allows direct application of knowledge into business. I highly recommend this training.

Ewa Ciuhak

Manager for training and development

Bank Gospodarki Zywnosciowej S.A.

With uttermost pleasure, I would like to recommend Discover Strategy as a professional partner in realization of development programs.

The BGZ SA Bank has successful cooperated with Discover Strategy in organizing the Strategic Thinking training. We have worked on a program for two sales management departments (MSP and Micro). The strategic thinking workshop was dedicated to managers, coordinators and supporting staff. Results of the workshop were astonishing. Observing the workshop allowed us to see the natural leaders and supporters of the goal. What’s more, the workshop provides strong emotional experiences and shows how the rules of competition are actually realized in action. It’s very informative for an observer and extremely beneficial for the participants who can discover their strengths and weaknesses as well as have a great time.

Understanding our needs, great knowledge of the problems and professionalism in designing and realization of the program were a guarantee of achieving our business goals. I can only praise the academic knowledge which was the basis of this program, and is shared by the consultants and trainers.

I strongly recommend Discover Strategy as a trustworthy partner.

Agnieszka Jackiewicz-Zatyka

Director of the Sales Management for MSP and Micro.