Spyglass App

Strategic problems are complex, which is why you need a simple, proven tool to solve them through discovering and creating strategies. With the Spyglass app a manager receives the know-how of developing a strategy for the team, department or company.
This app provides a rational, universal and replicable model, which allows discovering real and actual challenges, developing solutions and smoothly implementing the ideas. Spyglass is a great tool to use after the training as it is based on the Strategic Problems Solving Model learned by the participants.

Benefits of the App:

  • It clearly guides one through the entire process of strategy creation. It enables concentrating on the essence of the strategy, instead of focusing on following steps. The app allows to study, discover and explore all that is unique in order to create a truly innovative strategy.
  • Studies in creativity show that when we ask the right question, it is much more probable to get the right answer. Which is why this app is equipped in over 120 questions. Through answering them we gain a thorough understanding of the situation and the entire organization as well as unweighted opportunities and problems.


Aplikacja Spyglass