This training has two major goals:

  • Consolidate the team.
  • Develop Strategic Thinking skills.

Team consolidation
Strategic challenges face not only top players in the organization, but people at every level of it. When a team faces a strategic challenge, various approaches to problems appear, conflicting interests arise and ideas which can be in complete opposition are put forward. This often results in blocking the communication and teams’ effectiveness. And a problem arises: how to cooperate, when we have to argue? During the strategic game a team faces many dilemmas, what allows to test team’s ability to cooperate. Consolidation of a team happens by a way of making tough choices and reaching mutual understanding. During the game stage and after it participants discuss with trainers what was key in facilitating cooperation and what needs to be amended. Thanks to these exercises teams finish the training with specific conclusions for real-life work.

Developing strategic thinking skills
In order to develop participants’ strategic thinking skills we use lectures, a game and case studies. One of the most important tools of strategic thinking is the Strategic Problems Solving Model. This model is also a structure which builds involvement of all team members through possibility of generating various solutions and mutual work on them.

With this training the team will gain:

  • Openness to diversity,
  • Ability to take up proper actions in critical moments,
  • Credibleness in accomplishing agreed goals,
  • Mutual trust,
  • The ability to conduct strategic conversations,
  • Goal-orientedness,
  • Ability to question the status quo.

After the training team returns consolidated and equipped with shared method of strategic problems solving.

Żywiec Zdrój(..) We have received a method for strategic problems solving, with which in short time we have developed a real-life strategy for next year for sales department. Our team got consolidated and we’ve been cooperating more efficiently ever since. (..)
Marek Sumiła – Sales Director / Żywiec Zdrój S.A.