Business War Games

After a strategy is created, it should be tested with regards its resilience to our competitors’ actions. This is what the Business War Game is for. It’s goal is to provide answers to two questions: What will my competitors do? What should we do when they do it? Predicting the most probable moves of our competition requires thinking like they do. This is why during this game we create teams whose role is to impersonate particular competitors. Despite the fact that no one can predict with a 100% another organizations’ actions, the rivalry doesn’t happen in void but in market context, so we can guess the most probable actions of the competitor.
The Business War Game helps managers make better strategic decisions. During the game the “survivability” of a certain strategy is tested against reactions of competitors.
This game is not only for the top-level managers, but to all who take part in the competitive efforts.

Strategy Cards
Strategy Cards
During this training participants will use the „Strategy Cards” – a useful tool for strategy creation.