How to win in the world of constant change

Every organization needs leaders who have competitive advantage generating skills. Strategic Thinking is such a skill, which allows making decisions in unpredictable, complex environment. Complexity is unavoidable; the problem is how to answer it. This is the greatest challenge of a leader.
This training shows how to make coherent, focused decisions which lead to success. We teach how to choose good strategy over bad strategy.
Strategic Thinking is a skill necessary for middle- and top level managers. It increases the ability to solve difficult and complex problems. The Strategic Problems Solving Model is the most important tool taught during the training. This model allows to identify challenges a team or an organization is facing, as early on as in the first step. Further steps facilitate generating innovative solutions and strategies.
Modern and engaging form is this training’s undisputable advantage. It consists of brief, essential lectures, workshop sessions and a dynamic strategic game, which is played on a large touchscreen and tablets. Through the game participants learn strategic thinking, gain wider perspective of business and practice efficient decision making under pressure of time.
Theoretical part is based on R.P. Rumelt’s theory described in his book Good strategy-bad strategy.
During training we introduce another tool – the Spyglass app, which is a starting point for applying acquired knowledge to team and organizational contexts.

Training elements


This training is 2 days long and consists of 4 parts. Each part is dedicated to a particular problem and consists of a discussion, game and lecture. This way participants are able to test and discuss what they learn on the spot.



AstraZenecaStrategically Thinking Leader surpassed our expectations both in how it was run as well as in the effects it brought.
Theoretical knowledge allowed us understand the essence of strategic action. Practical workshop gave us analytical tools for creating strategies and skills to use them.

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