The Strategy Game guarantess integration, great fun and developing skills on individual and team level in the following areas:

  • Cooperation.
  • Communication.
  • Strategic Thinking.

During the game, teams reach particular goals, but foremost they need to develop a working Coalition in order to beat the Threat (played by one of the trainers).
The Strategy Game allows the participants to realize, that success can be reached only when everyone pursue a mutual goal. Participants will enjoy the cooperation and will be motivated for further actions. This game is constructed in a systemic way. All its elements are balanced and influence each other.

This requires from the participants:

  • Perfect execution of tasks and projects.
  • Thinking and analyzing.
  • Coordinated communication on many levels.
  • Forecasting possible scenarios of how situation will develop.

At the end of the game the entire process is recapitulated and conclusions for everyday work are drawn.

The course of the game

Participants will work in 7 to 10 people teams. Each team designates two strategists, who will play out team’s strategy on the board. The rest of the team will be realizing numerous small projects will be earning resources necessary to play the game on the board.

Elements of the strategy game

Brief lectures
Game played on board
Realizing tasks
Summary of the Game

Possibilities of the Strategy Game

Number of participants:
from 20 up to few hundred people
from 4,5 to 7 hours


Orange GroupThe game is really powerful to get people work in a collaborative manner and get to know each other, highlighting both personal and professional competences.
It is clever, fun and delivered perfectly by a great team of coaches.

Stephane Voitrin – Learning & Development Manager / Orange Group