• Strategically Thinking Leader

    With this training you will learn fast and focused decision making skills, which is a key to success. The training teaches you how to choose between good and bad strategy.

  • Team Consolidation

    This training has two major goals: consolidate the team and develop Strategic Thinking skills.

  • Strategy for Integration

    The Strategy Game allows the participants to realize, that success can be reached only when everyone pursue a mutual goal.


Competence of the manager



Problem solving is crucial on various organizational levels. In managing projects as well as in developing the strategy for the company.
We are basing our work on the theory of Professor Richard Rumelt, the strategic consultant to the Pentagon and Apple, and author of the “Good Strategy, Bad Strategy” bestseller. Our Strategic Business Problem Solving Model, which we use in our trainings for managers, was developed based on Rumelts work.

Benefits of the trainings:

  • A problem solving methodology shared by the entire company.
  • A shared language for when problems arise.
  • A method based on team work, facilitating cooperation.


The „Thinking on the edge” game is a lab for strategic thinking with conditions of turbulence and constantly changing situation.
It requires wisdom and recognition of when to compete and when it makes more sense to build trust which leads to cooperation.
During deliberations participants make use of the strategic tools introduced in lectures.

Participants develop a strategy, which they test during following parts of the game.

The game is played on large touchscreens, tablets and projector, which allow participants to access statistics and data. These are the base for analyses, which enable to adapt strategies to constantly changing conditions.

Ewa Ciuhak

Ewa Ciuhak

Manager for training and development / AstraZeneca Pharma Poland

Strategically Thinking Leader surpassed our expectations both in how it was run as well as in the effects it brought. Theoretical knowledge allowed us understand the essence of strategic action. Practical workshop gave us analytical tools for creating strategies and skills to use them. Basis, and the biggest advantage of this training is the “Thinking on the Edge” strategic game. It allows, thanks to its perfectly thought out structure, practical strategic thinking skills. (..) Strategically Thinking Leader training is exceptional, because it allows direct application of knowledge into business. I highly recommend this training.

Bogusław Milka

Bogusław Milka

Group Brand Manager – Strategy & Brand Marketing / JTI Polska

Recently I had the pleasure of participating in Strategically Thinking Leader training, which simply blew my mind. Instead of a typical, boring lecture I took part in a tremendously interesting and engaging tournament. The game was very emotional for me and other participants and it set our minds on fire! (..) This workshop was extremely interesting. Never before have I took part in any training during which participants actually wanted it to last longer and looked forward to the next part or learning. This game was so involving that I was actually sad when it ended. (..)

Justyna Jedlinska-Molenda

Justyna Jedlinska-Molenda

Talent Development and Training Manager / Polpharma SA Pharmaceutical Works

Discover Strategy conducted 4 sessions of Strategically Thinking Leader training for our managers this year. The trainings received a very enthusiastic feedback with an average of 5,5 (on a 1 to 6 scale) in the structure and content areas; trainers got an over 5,5 mark on the same scale. (..) The participants emphasized how helpful and crucial a strategic thinking skill is in complex decision making process. I highly recommend Discover Strategy as a Professional and committed partner for this type of trainings.

Marek Sumiła

Marek Sumiła

Sales Director / Żywiec Zdrój S.A.

(..) We have received a method for strategic problems solving, with which in short time we have developed a real-life strategy for next year for sales department. Our team got consolidated and we’ve been cooperating more efficiently ever since. (..)