Reacting to changing needs of one’s clients, developing new products, new technologies – these are the problems managers face every day. Problems are increasingly complex. Harvard Business Review study: The business case for managing complexity shows, that almost half of interviewed managers believe that problem complexity is the main obstacle to efficient decision making. World Economic Forum’s report: The Future of JobsEmployment, Skills and Workforce Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution proves that complex problems solving will be one of the most crucial skills in any organization.

Business Problems Solving Model

Our proposition is an effective method for business problems solving, based on management’s top thinkers, prof. Richard Rumelt.
Each step of this method is included in the Stregic Business Problems Solving Model. Our Model initiates a process, which begins with a helicopter view of the situation and its effect is a chosen idea of solution and tactical plan outlining main actions.

Managers who learn this model will know how to avoid cognitive traps, which lead to wrong solutions. The most common mistake made by even the most experienced managers is skipping the diagnosis phase and jumping strait to search for solutions. They accept the first diagnosis which intuitively comes into their mind and stick to it. However, in order to understand a problem and reach a correct diagnosis, you need a wide review and many analyses.

Team work

It is very beneficial for the problem solving process to be based on team work. A single person rarely has all the knowledge in order to solve a complex business problem. With this approach we can avoid the trap of “professional bias”, when looking at a problem from the limited point of view of one’s job or position within the organization.

We need others for dialogue, which allows multi-dimensional understanding of a problem and to create new solutions.

Benefits of the training:

  • Learining the Strategic Business Problems Solving Model.
  • Instant verification how effective this method is, during a game.
  • Experiencing how to set priorities with a proper diagnosis and solution idea.
  • Training decision making under pressure of time and emotion.

AstraZenecaStrategically Thinking Leader surpassed our expectations both in how it was run as well as in the effects it brought.
Theoretical knowledge allowed us understand the essence of strategic action. Practical workshop gave us analytical tools for creating strategies and skills to use them.

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