Significance of strategic thinking increases with speed of changeas in the modern world. Organizations face new problems as well as promising chances. Their longterm success depends on creating new ideas and efficient implementation. For this to be possible, organizations should develop skills of their managers so they can become Strategically Thinking Leaders.

Who is a Strategically Thinking Leader?

A Leader. This training is about leadership. A leader can prove her/himself in difficult situations, when she/he needs to solve a complex problem or when she/he needs to make a difficult decision. Some people are born with a talent for managing difficult situations, but anyone can learn it! During our training we provide you with experience in form of a demanding game, where your decisions determine whether you win or lose.


Thinking. We will learn what happens in a head of a person who makes a difficult decision. It would be great if under pressure, our thoughs were clear and unbiased. Alas it isn’t so, as emotions and cognitive biases interfere.
The result is often making haste and not necessarily good decisions. This is why the main challenge for all leaders is overcoming limitations in thinking and intellectual short sightedness.
In order to streamline your thinking, we will teach you certain tools which will lead your thinking and help you control it.


Strategically. In order to develop a strategy in any field, you need learn its specificity. What is a strategy? What kind of process leads to developing a strategy? In order for a strategy to be effective, it should be based on a coherent thinking process, starting with facts, through Diagnosis, Idea Solution and ending with Coherent Actions.

These rules are universal, no matter if it’s a strategy for a department, a team or the entire company.


Benefits of the training:

  • A wider perspective on any situation.
  • Reinforcement of a questioning the status quo skill.
  • Experiencing how important it is to focus on the goal.
  • Increasing your skills of strategic decision making.
  • Practical use of skills such as: Strategic Business Problems Solving Model or Scenario Planning.

AstraZenecaStrategically Thinking Leader surpassed our expectations both in how it was run as well as in the effects it brought.
Theoretical knowledge allowed us understand the essence of strategic action. Practical workshop gave us analytical tools for creating strategies and skills to use them.

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