This year Discover Strategy prepared and conducted four Strategically Thinking Leader workshops for managers of our company. They were very highly reviewed. The average score in both structure and content and trainers' presentation was 5.5 (out of 6). Participants described the workshop as dynamic, custom and interactive.

Justyna Jedlińska-Molenda - Head of Employees Development and Training – Polpharma S.A.

Discover Strategy

About us

In 1995 we founded Discover Team – a family run business. We conducted workshops on team management and team-building. We started creating games that develop team management competencies based on dr. Meredith Belbin’s theory (we are holders of the Belbin Associates license). Games became our new standard in our methodology. They gave participants the opportunity to experiment and diagnose their team skills. Around the year 2000 we created the Strategy Game. It became the corner stone of a new direction of development in the field of workshops. It led us to work in strategic competencies. In our research we came across an interesting inspiring and convincing theory about strategy by Richard Rumelt as outlined in his book: Good Strategy, Bad Strategy. Simultaneously, true to our methodology, we developed a new and innovative game – Thinking on the Edge. We were guided by the premise to make it adequate to the demanding level of complexity of the accompanying theory. To keep up with the times it is played on large touchscreens and with the use of tablets. It also has its online version. We conduct strategic workshops for business, public administration and MBA students. (including MBA SGH, MBA IPE PAN and MBA UM in Lublin).

Our team

When we assemble our team of trainers it is vital for us to choose individuals who like other people. Fun, curious, but also competent in the fields we cover. Below you will find profiles of our key team members.

Albeit there is a much larger number of people working with us, which allows us to organize events for as many as 300 participants.

Our clients

Companies we have worked with so far.