This workshop has an interesting modern form. It's comprised of short theoretical talks and an exciting dynamic strategy game.



  • Do you feel that your team is unable to adapt to changing conditions?
  • Do you wonder if perhaps your organization is stuck in the status quo?
  • Perhaps you believe that your team is unable to make key decisions?
  • Do you sense opportunities for your organization’s development but lack the methodology to discover them?
  • Can you see the team’s energy is scattered?
  • Do you feel that everyone is working hard, but are not getting results?
If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, that means you are facing strategic problems. And this workshop can be helpful in solving them.
Strategic problems are completely different to operational problems. Solving them requires a set of diverse competencies.
Strategic problems are essentially difficult challenges that face the company and the team.




We’ve adopted a definition of strategy as a coherent reaction designed to surmount a high-stakes challenge facing the company.

While solving strategic problems the leader will utilize the Strategic Problem Solving Model, which will be introduced and practiced during the workshop.


We will be delving into what happens in the mind of a person making a difficult decision. It would be great if in such situations our minds were not clouded and our thoughts lined up clearly. Unfortunately the reality is different. Our thoughts are influenced by emotions and various cognitive limitations.

This often results in making rash, not always optimal decisions. This is why overcoming one’s myopia and cognitive limitations is any leader’s key challenge.

During this workshop participants will learn the key tools that will guide their thoughts and facilitate controlling them.

The Leader

This workshop is concerned with leadership. Leaders are verified in difficult situations, when there is a difficult problem to solve or a tough decision to make. Only some people are naturally born with the predispositions to thrive in difficult situations. But anyone can learn it!
During this workshop we equip our participants with necessary knowledge, but also give an opportunity to test it in a demanding game where success or failure depend on the decisions made by the players.



The theoretical basis for our workshop is the Strategic Problem Solving Model. It organizes how to view and manage difficult problems. However, in order to fully be able to utilize this model it is important to learn and consciously develop the Strategic Competencies.

The Strategic Problem Solving Model

In the course of the workshop participants will study the Strategic Problem Solving Model. It consists of three stages. Challenge Diagnosis, Solution Design, Cohesive Action.
The Model falsifies the most widespread and erroneous approach which concentrates on solving problems through direct action without clearly defining the challenge ahead.

The Strategic Problem Solving Model​
Strategic Thinking Skills

Strategic Competencies

It is very important to learn ones strengths and weaknesses in the process of solving complex strategic problems. This is the reason why each manager should work to develop their strategic competencies if they want to think and act like a strategist. This workshop is based on six key Strategic Competencies developed by our company:

  • Interpretation of the situation
  • Questioning the status quo
  • Building cooperation
  • Creating leverage
  • Anticipating the future
  • Decision-making


There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.
Peter Drucker


How is this workshop structured?

This workshop is conducted in looped iterations consisting of: a short lecture, team meeting, strategy game.
During the lectures participants will study the proposed tools and cases of their application.
Next the participants can discuss their ideas to utilize these tools in practice, which leads them into testing their effectiveness in the strategy game.


The most basic element of this workshop is The Strategic Problem Solving Model. It is a piece of theory that organizes all the subsequent lectures. The second most important element are the strategic competencies. During the lectures we successively introduce the stages of The Strategic Problem Solving Model and suggest which competencies are necessary to properly react to and solve problems and challenges.

Team meeting

Between each phase of the game we organize team meetings. Their goals are to generate a strategy for the next phase of the game, but also to form conclusions about the development of strategic competencies and the efficiency of team work. These team meetings are also an opportunity to practice effective communication.

Strategy game

We invite our participants to play Thinking on the Edge, a strategy game developed by our team. The game provides for two basic types of interaction within the team: competition and cooperation. Divided into teams the participants will compete against each other, but the game's mechanics reward cooperation by making alliances possible. These alliances often turn out to be the key to victory. The game has an optimal level of complexity. It allows for application of various strategies but is not too difficult. A detailed description can be found here: Thinking on the Edge.





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