When teams face difficult strategic challenges they discover that their members have various attitudes, differing interests, and diverse ideas for solutions. This can often obstruct communication within the team and lower their efficiency. The question here is: how to communicate when there is a need to argue?



  • Employees of the company lack the ability to communicate effectively in crisis situations
  • A team is unable to utilize their diversity
  • Everyone is trying to achieve their individual goals without considering the common interests of the group
  • The team is excessively reliant on their leader

These symptoms suggest that solving strategic problems may be hindered. The Team Consolidation workshop helps unblock communication and strengthen cooperation between company departments. This workshop will aid in building procedures and rules of cooperation.

The workshop allowed us to bring the team closer together before facing challenges
Workshop participant



The aim of the Team Consolidation workshop is to significantly improve the quality of cooperation within the team or between departments.
Workshop participants will expand their cooperation skills, which will help them solve complex problems. In this logic cooperation is one of the strategic competencies.
Dialogue, feedback, sharing information, openness and mutual understanding are all skills necessary to face complicated challenges.

Diagnosis of the team's problems and abilities

The game used in the workshop is designed as a form of social lab allowing to observe such areas of cooperation as:
  • Communication
  • The ability to share resources
  • Trust
  • Mutual understanding
  • Solving business problems
During the course of this workshop we diagnose together with the participants all the key factors that block cooperation, create tension in the team, and that limit their efficiency. We develop a solution plan and propose steps to counter these limitations in the future.

A tailor made version of our Thinking on the Edge game concentrates on cooperation

Participants are divided into three teams. On the one hand their aim is to achieve their teams individual goal, but on the other they are a member of a wider coalition, whose aim is to defeat the threat. The game’s mechanics makes it impossible to win playing solo. Teams must therefore join forces and create such a solution that will allow them to synergize and by doing so beat their opponent.

We've consolidated our team and began to cooperate more effectively (..)
Marek Sumiła
Sales Director / Żywiec Zdrój S.A.



We approach the problem of cooperation in a completely innovative way by applying strategic thinking. We have noticed that in the course of realizing their cognitive limitations, and then applying new found skills to overcome them, the teams effectively reach a common level of understanding, improve the value of their meetings and decision-making. This translates to a significant increase of the team’s productivity and quality of cooperation. Our participants’ feedback suggests that this is a fascinating process that provides impressive results.

Cooperation Building

Although we introduce and explain various strategic competencies, in this workshop we focus primarily on Cooperation Building. Cooperation building requires the development of two skills:
  • Creating a Cooperation System, which entails combining all partners’ resources in order to achieve both individual and common goals.
  • Relationship Building which is all about building a network of relationships based on dialogue, openness, and a win-win approach.
Rules of cooperation We write down, together with our participants the rules of cooperation that serve them, and can be useful in their every day work application. The aim of these rules of cooperation is to create a common point of reference that is always there when conflicts arise. It helps alleviate and solve conflicts, which are naturally bound to come up in the course of the team’s lifespan.

Discussion and exercises

Participants have the opportunity to cooperate while playing the strategy game. They are faced with challenges which they have to overcome by cooperating – much like in their workplace. This gives multiple occasions for discussion in order to work out optimal models for the future.

Independently from the game we conduct exercises that help develop cooperation skills among the participants. These exercises allow all the participants to reveal their individual potential and find ways to take full advantage of their diversity in order to create effective cooperation in their team.

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